Books That Can Make You Rich in Your 20s

The books that can make you rich in your 20s, so many wonderful things have happened in my life. and it’s very difficult to point a single one of them that cannot be traced back to books knowledge or some form of learning and that’s why I speak a lot about books and why young people should take time to read let me tell you some. personal stories growing up I noticed that I’m lazy and the reason for that isn’t hidden for me I’m lazy because I suffered rheumatism for the first 17 years of my life so I simply didn’t have any childhood that encouraged hard work, or rough play or stuff like that but are the opposite of this I tend to achieve more things than most of my mates how do you explain this I mean I’m probably the laziest person out of every man I’ve come in contact with yet I seem to know how to get things done and achieve more than most people I suspected what the secret was but reading the biography of Albert Einstein confirmed to me that I was right and so I recommend that you read I Stein’s biography here’s the thing I Stine wasn’t a genius. he wasn’t even like heavy wait 17 hours working guy no Einstein was regarded as a Dollard as a child and he probably never had an exceptional brain and about hard work well uncle I Stein slept 10 hours per night, that shows you how hard-working he was right so what is the secret concentration concentration, concentration, I grew up knowing that if I wanted to achieve something I have to throw everything out of the window stay focused on such a single thing even if I won’t have the capacity to work for long hours reading the biography of Einstein will show you how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary successes simply by cutting off every distraction and staying focused on a single important task or goal this will not only boost your self-esteem but it might also help you to get rich early it becoming rich is your goal another story when I was starting in the business world I have read a few books that made me understand that.

Journey of building a company from scratch is a tough one so I took my eyes off any expectations of quick success I instead set a goal for one decade yes I was willing to sacrifice, 10 years of my life to try make mistakes. and fail so I have to become rich so it happened that the more mistakes I made the smarter I became and the fewer mistakes, I made and the closer I was to my goal I didn’t know the word to what I was doing until later in my future when I read mastery by Robert Greene I honestly think that any young person who wants to achieve success in any area of life including getting rich should read mastery because this book will open your mind into how success has been achieved and you’ll stop listening to the noise of get-rich-quick that’s all around the truth is success comes in any field after you master the game take intrapreneurship for example nobody knows how to be an entrepreneur until you become an intrapreneur for a decade it’s a long journey that’s filled with several turns and snakes and it’s by confronting these obstacles you’ll learn to outsmart them and that’s mastery which every young individual should submit themselves to instead of looking for shortcuts what will happen if you’re willing to be a master well you’ll succeed faster than most people who want to succeed fast most of my mates who are looking for easy ways to wealth are still poor today even though I have been able to by God’s grace overcome poverty they wanted it quick and I wanted to spend the time it requires to become a master they don’t get it but I do if you’re willing to pay the price to become a master, you can become rich and successful faster than most people who want to take a shortcut yet another boring story I woke up to life getting angry about a few things up till today I still get angry about those things wherever I go I can help but talk about those things I doubt if I ever had any meaningful conversation in the last seven years that is not in any way connected about these things and angry about do you want to know what those things are let me keep them a secret till another article instead I want to tell you what I’d.

With the holy anger I have about these things I spend my time trying to correct them, most times your anger is your money if you can’t stop being angry about something that’s probably the problem you have created to solve look at Elon Musk.

He went around talking about green energy space and electric cars, he never had any meaningful conversation if he couldn’t speak about any of these and those are the things that made him extremely rich and that is why I think you should read his biography written by Ashley Vaz just finished that biography and I think if young people read it they might get inspiration that all pushed him to achieve their dreams faster than others and another story sometime in the year 2019 or early 2020 I came across Think and Grow Rich it’s a popular book so I decided to read it within this book I learned a million things but only one thing stuck with me forever, and that is the story of a military general who wanted to wage war against the greater army and in other to win the war.

The generals simply destroy the ship which is the only instrument he and his boys could use to escape if the battle became unbearable, the sky went on to win the battle most people said was impossible to win simply because they figured out how to make winning a do-or-die affair when I read this story I was a poor 21 year old guy and I simply decided to see poverty the way that general saw his powerful enemy several years after I read that book the story still impacted my life. and decisions every day until by God’s grace I defeated poverty today I honestly think that everyone should read Think and Grow Rich.

Before they’re adults not because of the story that changed, my own life from the book but because the book has made more people rich than almost any other book in history the book is like beauty it always is in the eye of the beholder what is beautiful to me might not be beautiful to you what changed my life in Think and Grow Rich might not make any sense to you but since it’s only a single thing you need, you’ll likely find your goal therein then the last story after about five years of being in the business world my brother called me and told me something like you told us long ago that you wanted to become a millionaire but today you’re still poor I looked at my brother and told him well I’m still paying the price what Holy Smoke.

Who in the world pays the price for five years to get anything but here’s the thing among the books I read when starting in the business world was failing forward by John Maxwell this book simply tells the stories of some of the greatest successes in the world and shows you how one thing United all of them and that is massive failures so it happened that the faster you fail the faster you succeed do you want to become rich early well start failing early and keep failing fast try different kinds of stuff their life don’t take care don’t protect yourself from the pains of error don’t stay indoors get out and try stuff yes you’ll make mistakes but the more of such mistakes and failures you experience the closer you are to all of your dreams do you want to become rich in your 20s then you can’t afford to spend all your 20s on little pieces of stuff you have to dare really big stuff make multiple mistakes fail multiple times and endure all of those pains so if this article makes sense to you then Share to your friends and like the article.

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