Things You Can Say To Make your Man Want You _ Relationship Advice By Sabooski Godwin

When it comes to relationships, words are really powerful, aren’t they?

Words have the ability to evoke emotion in us. Words also have the ability to break up a relationship, and they have the ability to heal that same relationship. And so what if there were words that you could say to a man to actually ignite attraction and desire in him for you? You know, when it comes to relationships, we’re always looking for the right things to say. What can we say to not only capture how we feel, but also to evoke that same emotion in our partner. And so in this Content I’m going to share with you three types of statements that you can make that will ignite desire in your man for you. The first type of statement that you can use is actually called

1. Qualification statement

And this is basically sharing, or saying, do you qualify to be with me? And the reason that this is so powerful for men is because men want to feel special, they want to feel different from all the other guys. So when you actually lead early in the relationship with some qualification statements, then when he does win your favor, now he feels extra special. Here’s some statements that you can use early in the relationship. You can say something like, “It takes a special guy to win my heart.” “I don’t like to rush into a relationship.” “I like to take my time and get to know someone before I commit to anything.” These are great because this shows that you are selective. And highly desirable women are selective. In fact, my wife used a qualification statement with me early in our dating, and I didn’t even know that it was a qualification statement. Looking back, I see it clearly was. And she said this, she goes, “You’re probably going to get really bored of this dating process with me, because look, I live at home and I’ve got a curfew with my dad, and I can’t spend the night at your house. You can’t spend the night over here.” And she goes, “Other guys I’ve dated, they just got fed up with that, so you probably will too.” So what is she doing in that moment? She’s challenging me. She’s saying, do you have what it takes to get through this phase, where she’s living under the roof of her dad? And in my mind, I immediately clicked in, and my thought was, well, I’m going to be better than all those other guys who couldn’t handle that, and I’m going to actually surpass that, and I am going to win your favor. And the brilliant part about that was when I did get frustrated, because she couldn’t spend the night, or I couldn’t keep, stay out late with her, and Id have to take her home for curfew. And that frustration rose up, I said, “Man, is this even worth it?” It clicked in and said, Hey, you know what? I’m going to be the guy who actually overcomes this to have the woman that I want. Qualification, very powerful.

2. Empowerment statement

Men, we love to feel powerful. And in life we feel powerful when we’re producing, when we’re earning money, we’re producing a project, we’re achieving a goal. So when it comes to a relationship, what is productivity or production for a man? Production for a man is actually giving you an experience that you love. That experience or that emotion is what he’s producing. That’s what creates this empowered feeling in us. How do you help a man feel empowered? How do you help him feel like he’s creating an experience for you? It’s simple. Start a sentence with this phrase, “You make me feel…” You could say something like, “You make me feel so sexy.” “You make me feel safe.” “You have a way of just making me feel better.” “You make me so hot.” These are great statements, and I encourage you, and challenge you to put these to the test for yourself. Use a, you make me feel statement. “You make me feel hot.” “You make me feel sexy.” And notice what your man does. Notice his face. Notice his body language. He will become more empowered as you share those experiences. It’s really fun to see the feeling that comes from him when you use these statements.

3. Names of endearment, otherwise known as pet names

Think about it for a moment. The people that you’re the closest with in your life, you have pet names for them, right? Chances are you don’t call your mom and dad by their first name. You call them mom and dad or when you’re little, it’s mommy and daddy. Think about some of your best friends. Maybe you have pet names for your best friends. A guys will do this all the time. Guys when, like, I’ll have a best friend, a good friend named [Brian 00:04:39], and I’ll say, “Hey, [B] what’s going on?” We’ll give each other these nicknames. Using nicknames actually surpasses the formality, the area of our brain where it says, Hey, this is going to be a formal interaction, and lands right on the, we are connected area of our brain. So when you use pet names like, “Hey gorgeous.” “Hey handsome.” “Hey rockstar.” Use those kinds of names, whether it’s in text or whether he’s calling you, and it will help him feel more connected to you, and feel like, wow, she’s called me gorgeous. That’s amazing. That’s so cool. That’s so different. Not other women are calling me gorgeous when I text her. And if he’s going to call you, use a change in your tone to actually help him feel even more special. And here’s what I mean. When he calls you pick up the phone and say, “Hello.” It’s just like you’re going on your normal day, but when you hear that is him, change your voice up a few octaves, and put on your sweet tone and go, “Hey gorgeous. How are you doing?” And slow it down and put on a different tone. That change also helps him feel empowered. It’s like, wow, I actually had an effect on this woman. Very, very powerful strategy for igniting desire in him. So think about what you’re doing for a moment. Qualification helps him feel special. Empowerment statements help him feel powerful. And the names of endearment help him feel connected. When a man feels special, powerful, and connected around you. Woo man, his whole desire for you goes to another level. And so now I would love to hear from you, what have you learned that when you say this to a man, it ignites desire in him, or melts his heart? What are some statements or some phrases that you have learned work really, really well? Go ahead and share those in the comment section below.

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