Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You

Your ex dumped you and they say you’re NEVER getting back together. How can you make them reconsider? Getting your ex back is all about emotion. I’m going to show you how simple it is to make your ex regret breaking up with you and how to use that powerful feeling to get them to take you back. Hi, I’m Godwin Sabo Isah, giving you the honest truth when it comes to getting your ex back and I’ve helped make love a reality for thousands of clients. So stick around and take notes if you want to hear advice that works in the real world. First off, trying to convince your ex using logic is NOT the answer. There’s nothing you can say to your ex right now that’s going to make them do a complete 180 and take you back. You’re coming at them from a position of weakness so you’re not going to be very persuasive. But I’ve got good news for you…Romantic feelings have nothing to do with logic. You need to show them what a HUGE MISTAKE it was to break up with you… And not only that, buy you have to make them think that getting back together is actually their idea. Sounds complicated? Let’s go through it step by step.


Step 1

No Contact From this day forward you don’t call, text, or otherwise contact your ex for AT LEAST thirty days. If they reach out, do not respond. This will show your ex that you’re over them and you have no interest in giving them another shot. At first, they may be relieved, especially if you’ve been particularly needy or pathetic to this point… but after a few weeks, they’ll realize that you’re not playing around and they’ll start to get cravings for you that they can’t satisfy. And remember… don’t back down. They wanted to end this relationship so by keeping your distance, you’re giving them exactly what they asked for. When you go into No Contact, you’re effectively rewiring your ex’s brain. As time passes after a breakup, any anger and resentment your ex has towards you will fade. No matter how angry they were your ex will begin to think of you fondly. This process is called “Romanticizing” our past relationships. Simply by staying away, you’re improving your ex’s memories of you and letting them stew in their regret. By ignoring my advice and speaking to your ex after the breakup you’re doing several things. First… since you’re still being friendly, you’re showing them that you think breaking up with you was a reasonable decision, not the biggest mistake of their life. Next, you’re not giving them a chance to process the breakup. Whether or not they take you back, they need time alone to process what happened and how they feel about you. The longer you deny them this time, the more likely you two are to stay apart for GOOD. And third, you’re trying to get them back without changing anything. Breaking up with someone isn’t easy. Why should they change their mind a week later? The answer is: they shouldn’t. It takes time and effort to win back your ex. So trust me when I say No Contact isn’t optional… It’s essential Take this thirty days to reflect on what went wrong, work on yourself, and take steps towards greater emotional and physical health. This period of self improvement is key to increasing your ex’s desire for you and, more importantly, your confidence. Use this time to get yourself into a better headspace and you’ll be in a MUCH better place when it comes to getting your ex back, even if they have no idea. During this time, DO NOT check in with your ex or mention them to mutual friends. Act like you’re over them but have no hard feelings, even if it isn’t true. Want to make the most of No Contact? Go to right now. Check out my free video presentation to learn the 5 do’s and don’ts of no contact and how you can keep them hooked on you without ever saying a word. Now here’s a question I get quite often. Should I apologize to my ex before starting no contact? In most situations, the answer is HELL NO… No way, Not a chance. Apologizing to your ex isn’t going to make either of you feel better. It’s only going to make them feel bad and give more weight to their choice to end things. But there are exceptions. If the relationship ended because of one big mistake you made, like cheating on them or running them over with your car, then you should make an attempt to apologize to them before going no contact. Keep it short and to the point and you’re more likely to have good results. Don’t take this opportunity to beg them to take you back. Show them you respect their decision and that you know that it’s over.

Step 2

Show your ex a new side of you. Whatever reason your ex gave you for ending things, the truth is that relationships often end because of boredom… your ex feels like they’ve experienced everything you have to offer them and that it’s just going to be more of the same as long as you two are still together. What’s something about you that your ex couldn’t stand? Maybe you didn’t make an effort when it came to your appearance. Maybe you spend too much time on the couch rather than experiencing new things. Identify this shortcoming and take steps to correct it. And most importantly… do it in a way that your ex will notice. Whether this means getting a new haircut, going on a trip, or spending time with your friends and family. The key here is to make your ex feel like they’ve misjudged you… surprise your ex with new behaviour and they’ll see that you’re capable of being a different person and that a relationship with you can still be filled with fun and adventure. But how can you show them without breaking no contact or showing them that you miss them? By using social media. Posting on instagram or facebook is a great way to show your ex a new side of you without looking desperate or breaking no contact.

Step 3

Re-attract Once you’ve completed No Contact, now is the time to reach out and begin the real re-attraction process. If you’ve successfully completed No Contact then your ex’s negative feelings towards you will have faded and they’ll be thinking about what they lost by breaking up with you. By reaching out to them at this stage, you’re going to show them that all hope isn’t lost. It’s important to play it cool. If you’ve pulled off no contact successfully, you’re actually at an advantage over them so don’t lose it. Start with a simple text. This text is very important. You haven’t spoken to your ex in at least thirty days so they’re going to scrutinize this message pretty carefully. Don’t mention the breakup, how you miss them, or that you want them back. Instead, text them for a specific reason. It’s good to ask your ex a question or for a favor. For example: “Hey, you know about fashion. I’m trying to figure out what to wear for a wedding this summer. How’s this look?” and then attach a picture of yourself all dressed up. This works on several levels. It shows your ex that you’re out there living your best life without them and also that you respect their opinion and need their insight. Plus, it will make them wonder about the wedding, specifically who you’re taking as your date. It’s important that this text gives your ex a bit of information about your life that makes them curious about what you’ve been up to. The fact that they don’t know will drive them crazy and make them really feel how different things are now that you two are broken up.

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