The Meaning of Relationships | By Sabooski

We give a tremendous meaning to relationships we put a lot on relationships and or on our relationships we give them a lot a spiritual meaning a meaning of unity and something that is related to the soul to fulfilment to sometimes even a sort of a spiritual path or and so on and so on and surely we relate relationships to happiness relationships are not connected to happiness and they are not meant to be connected to happiness what have they got to do with their penis yes statistically speaking I know 1 in a million has this type of I know pure perfect spotless relationship with another it is a mistake in God’s factory ok there is in heaven they produce relationships and then the Angels they don’t notice and suddenly some relationship slips through their fingers and it’s like pure love all the way until the last breath and the angel is punished maybe falls from grace [Laughter] God someone’s the angel especially to a personal meeting I told you relationships on earth cannot be perfect [Laughter] relationships by nature they are they belong to the to the relative room in which you experience opposites closeness distance love alienation longing frustration or that just like the body the body sometimes is feeling wonderful sometimes it feels tired sometimes it is ill sometimes it is healthy because also the body is a part of the relative realm we try with fantasize about having perfect things uninterrupted that’s what we have all their enthusiasm about you know super nutritions and their and so on and so on it doesn’t mean we cannot improve we also can improve our relationships make them much much harmless and respectful and friendly so the problem is that we give relationships a lot of meaning that they’re not meant to hold we mainly give them the put on them the expectation to make us happy complete and satisfied and this is where we begin to expect so much this is why there is so much tension because we are trying to make relationships into something that that is heavy with meaning and fulfillment and we are inside us know the truth this is part of what we know it’s affect also but we also know in our heart that we came alone and that we are going to say goodbye completely alone our journey here we can imagine as much as we want that we are surrounded we are that it’s a shirred journey but eventually when you leave the world you leave it as one isn’t that a tremendous message it means it says yes share love to practice the actuality of love on small scale with another is great share practice try to practice develop qualities through this of respect of humbleness of of of non-violence the ability to say I’m sorry but don’t put on it the meaning of your life because if it were the meaning of our lives we could take our partner in the hand and walk through the gate of of death because we have transcended together let’s say for example but you don’t eventually with all our attachments we we close our eyes taking our journey back alone this means that the meaning the fulfillment the completion there are a matter of our selves our work relationship with ourself because this is the only one we are going to take with us what we have managed to the way we have managed to resolve the relationship with ourselves is the real question of life.

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