3 Words That ONLY Poor People Use Which Affect Their Life

The three words only poor people use Since when I was a little boy, I’ve always loved to have many friends Though at a time in my life I understood that had to be selective about people I hang with I still understand that even though some people are poor They still have some good virtues I can learn from so I keep a few friends who are smart But poor even though I spend more time with my friends who are smart and rich Now this is what I’ve come to discover after years of dealing with both rich and poor friends of mine. They used different words When I visit my friends who are doing, well financially there are certain words. I never hear from them. Never not even once however, when I visit my smart friends who are broke the exact words my rich friends never use other words these people use I’ll Share these three words with you in this article.

I know usually say nobody helps me or something similar to these three words Poor people usually believe that they need help. They usually look out for someone to rescue them They usually point fingers at someone or something by stopping them there poverty is never their fault Someone is usually to be blamed for instance sometimes last year one of my family members called me to ask for money and When she was trying to persuade me to give our money. She said you see nobody’s helping me This lady was 31 and she still expected someone to help her Really? This is my personal experience Whenever I meet with my rich friends, they usually talk about the new products They are trying to create to help others and make money the new books They are reading to learn how to become a better person The mistake they made because they didn’t know what they ought to have known and that goal they have for the next one year Everything my rich friends talk about is usually how they can change their life You never expect any external miracle, even if they need someone to help or partner with them They will first figure out what they can give the person before they will get from such person Whenever I meet with my poor friends, however, the opposite is the case they talk about how the employers don’t pay them Well how they want to fight for a raise How the government policies is affecting them how things are expensive how the economy is bad and how they need some kind of help When I compare these two worlds This is why I see those who become rich always take responsibility and those who become poor expect someone to care for them The world and the jungle Listen to me.

The world is a jungle. I’ve understood this for many years and today I still see many people who are far older than me yet. They don’t understand this simple truth Listen very well. The world is a jungle Nobody cares about you and nobody even knows that you exist if you think someone is out there who wakes up to think about you you are probably deceiving yourself If you have a life to leave you have to leave it if you have a dream to achieve You have to get out and run if you want your life to change It’s all about you. Don’t ever sit down and wait for help. It’s not coming but shouldn’t we help each other a Few days ago. I read a comment on one of our article the commenter said that he wanted to start a business But nobody in the country is helping him That’s typical of what most people say and there’s a problem about this the problem about this is that nobody helps you because of you People help you because of themselves.

Let me repeat this Nobody helps you because of you people help you because of themselves because of what they can get in return It may be financial gain material or even emotional game but in any way people only help you because of what they can get in return not because they care about you because Nobody cares about you if we understand this then a strategy will change Take for instance.

If you need money to start a business, what should you do? Most people simply go around appealing to other people’s mercy I’ve done it in the past and I can tell you it’s a waste of time Because people are not as merciful as you may want to think The best way to get others to help you is to show them that helping you is going to be a blessing to them let me repeat this the best way to get others to help you is to show them that Helping you is going to help them in return You can just ask people to help you and expect that they will help you.

First start that your business idea no matter how small or difficult go ahead and get started I know it’s difficult. I’ve been in that shoe before but that’s the only way Do all you can make all the sacrifices you can make all the mistakes You can feel as much as you can and one day you will discover a new way to do what you’re doing Which will lead you into creating something unique that the market really loves and just when you start making some money You can now reach out to people for help at this stage You have two assets which everyone in the world respects first the faith in yourself The fact that you can stand up and their life shows others that you have faith in yourself The fact that you could go ahead and start that business with little money is a proof that you believe yourself and your idea Everything in life is contagious Including belief. So when you show the world that you believe in yourself the world believes in you in return This is a great asset.

The second asset you have is the asset of failure You can call it experience, but trust me people unconsciously respect your failures Some fools may criticize you for feeling but you can be sure that people That matter really respect the fact that you did life and failed Kevin O’Leary said I’d rather invest in a man who has failed than a man who has everything going with him Because people that matter know that failure brings valuable experience and wisdom They see you as much more valuable if they know you’ve tried and failed many times.

The third asset you have is that Aside from the courage to start and your failures you now have a product that market really wants to pay for From my experience I can assure you that if you are strong enough to go through the above three stages in anything You’ll see the entire world rushing to give you more resources than you need I know what I’m talking about because I’ve played this game for more than a decade When I went to the business world, I had no money and nobody was willing to give me any money However, eight years after I had an idea for a company and I raised money than I wanted In fact, I had to systematically reject a friend who wanted to invest with me because I already had more than enough money Stop thinking like a victim What I’ve observed is that most people of the world think as if they are in bondage Just as if they are victims of some system just as if they have got no power to change their lives This is not true because you are God Every one of us is 100 times more powerful than we think we are we can change anything We hate about our life. We can create our desired life. We can even change the world Yes, it won’t be easy. But we have enough strength to overcome. Whatever comes our way because we are God’s Smart but poor at the beginning of this article. I mentioned that some of my friends are smart about poor How can anyone be smart and still be poor? Well, some people are very brilliant, but they think that it cannot become anything except someone helps them These people can be compared to a lion like scared of a human being What this lion doesn’t know is that it has the power to conquer the human If only he will try don’t just be smart in the head get out and fight for what you deserve Don’t wait for things to happen Stand up and make it happen. be the helper you need thank you for reading this article we’ll love if you Share this with your friends.

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