Some Things that Every Intelligent Person Does in Secret

Thing every intelligent person does in secret when I was 13 I was one of the dumbest people you can ever imagine the only things I knew where things everyone else knew so I was never considered intelligent by most people however a decade later at 23 when I met people and discussed with them even those were older than me by 10 to 15 years could hardly cope with my level of reasoning what actually changed. What do you think made it dumb 13 years old me become one of the most intelligent people at age 23 that’s what I want to share with you in this Content in this Content I’ll be sharing with you one thing every intelligent person does in secret. The number one thing that differentiates intelligent people from other average individuals.

°The love of knowledge though

Most people believe that the highly intelligent people were born with intelligence most of times it’s not so instead of being born with intelligence, intelligent people do in secret what most people don’t know about if you want to really see what I’m talking about think about three most intelligent people you know when you visit these people what’s their priority the TV or the library do another thing go out and ask random people to tell you the numbers of books they have read in the last 12 months most of times the answer you get is none or one book now go to the most intelligent person you know and ask him to tell you the numbers of books he has read in the last 12 months usually most intelligent people would have to pause and think because they are either not be able to remember the numbers of books they have read.
Because it’s much more because it’s much or because the number is between 10 and 20 what actually differentiates the intelligent people from everyone is that intelligent. people do read a lot in secret though they appear to be naturally intelligent in the public when they are alone intelligent people do read a civilian life depends on knowledge show me anyone who isn’t curious about knowledge and I’ll show you an average individual.
I’ve seen intelligent women and men I’ve seen intelligent people who are tall and those who are shot we have many white people who are intelligent as well as black people what I’ve never seen is intelligent person who doesn’t seek knowledge every day this is my personal story when I was age 15 I started becoming a very serious student I would wake up early in the morning to read like an hour or so before I went to school when I returned from school I wouldn’t watch the TV or soccer I would read read and read when I was 17 a friend initiated me into reading self-improvement books and I felt crazy being in love with any book that could teach or inspire me to do or think something new by the time I was 20 I can’t remember anyone who read as much books as I was reading. So he became so natural I knew what even fifty years old people didn’t know you think about this what do we call intelligence, who are those we respect as being very intelligent the answer is very simple people who are considered intelligent a people who know far more than everyone else what the general public doesn’t know is that these people who appear to be gods as ordinary as everyone else the reason why someone knows so much about so many things is not because it was born with the knowledge in fact it was not usually because such individuals have better brains most of times it’s because the intelligent people make knowledge get daily food if you have any friend who is very intelligent go and spend a weekend or one week with him and observe his routines what does he do the first thing in the morning what does he do during the day what does he talk about check his browser’s history what do you see there how many hours does he spend on the social media how many ads does he spend watching movies you’ll be shocked if you get to know how most intelligent people leave take for instance I don’t use any social media for my personal need that’s crazy right well I also have never bought a TV set in my entire life I don’t watch soccer or do many things most people consider to be entertaining now you may think that I have a very boring life right wrong I enjoy reading books as much as anyone can enjoy the Instagram or Facebook I enjoy making research as much as anyone can enjoy a soccer match I get my entertainment just like everyone else only using a very different means now what’s the purpose of this content well first the reason why we made this article is to show you that intelligence isn’t a gift or talent that people were born with instead it’s what people become after conscious effort to improve their minds every day of their lives.

° Second I want to challenge every young person to seek knowledge the more you know about life the better your life will be the knowledge you get from reading listening to and watching educated materials will lead you into wisdom which is the application of knowledge I know so many people who are poor but it will never read books on listen to audio programs about money if only these people can read about money your financial intelligence will increase and you’ll be better financially similar thing happens in all area of your life to improve any area of your life you have to sit down with people who have improved your lives in such area nothing in the world gives you a better opportunity to do that than the books educative videos magazine and audio program lastly if you want to be among the few people who are cherished and loved by all because they know what others don’t you have to change some of your daily routines you can’t wake up every morning into the social media and know what no one knows you can’t waste five hours every day on the reality TV shows and know what no one knows you have to have routines that make your mind better every day you can listen to educated audio programs every morning you can read for 30 minutes every day you can subscribe to some educative online program if you do this one day someone will call you a genius thank you for reading our Content would like to give you another interesting content for you to enjoy next but before then our team will be very happy if you can like this article and share it with your friends on social media we love you.

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