2face Idibia’s Son, Justin becomes the dominant focal point at his school’s graduation function

Idibia, the fourth offspring of Legendary vocalist, Innocent Idibia and his babymama, Pero Adeniyi has moved on from center school.

Justin who is learning at a school in America where he dwells with his mum and kin got everyone’s attention at his school’s graduation.

in the video transferred by Pero Adeniyi, Justin was considered perusing the sacred texts to be his mum rooted for him.

Showering love on him, Pero Adeniyi supplicated that God’s presence will constantly accompany him.

stated, “As you head to secondary school Gid will go with you my child! @idkjustin_ Proud mother!”.

Starstrend reviews Justin Idibia was showered with affection by his mum as he timed 14 on May seventh.

Taking to Instagram, Pero depicted him as her most loved in light of his disposition and persistence.

She noticed how he would have been fruitful in anything dream he seeks after.

Confirming her affection for him, she adulated him for being astonishing.

expressed, “To my child kid, Justin Agabaidu the unyielding Lion! I need to let you know the amount I love you. As a mother, I shouldn’t have top choices, yet… . Due to your mentality and relentlessness, you will find success in anything dream you had as a youngster. I love you with my entire existence! You are a gift from God. I ask that you will constantly cherish God with your entire being and take care of business of bravery. I love you beyond what I can say. You are an astonishing young fellow, and I’m not trying to say that to be great. You have a decent heart – you’re benevolent, you’re smart and you have a major creative mind (say thanks to God!). You likewise have an extraordinary feeling of experience which will place you in an advantageous position when you are more established. The sky is only your beginning stage. To realize you is love you. Blissful fourteenth birthday celebration my Son!”.



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