Singer Magic Change his Stage Name to “Boy MagiQ”

Nigerian Musician and Songwriter, Luke Daniel Monday who is prominently realized by his stage name has formally changed his stage name to . Luke Daniel Monday famously known as Magic is a capable Nigerian artiste, who has dropped a great deal of hits melodies last year, so he changed his name to Boy MagiQ. Presently you need to compose your opinion on the new stage name.


As indicated by reports, The performer’s name change became vital when he was confused with one more craftsman known as Magic. With the assistance of a music, Boy MagiQ expressed his thinking.


Luke Daniel Monday, prevalently known as “Magic” or “Boy MagiQToYourEars” is a Nigerian vocalist, lyricist. Albeit not much is been aware of the 19-year-old vocalist he’s begun causing disturbances in the music scene.


His new arrival of “Party”, which he include Emmzee Bright become exceptionally famous, is proof of what is generally anticipated from the youthful gifted artist. To stay away from extra disarray with the brand pith and business trademark in the music region, especially with the notable Magic.


MagiQ’s crowd has likewise extended because of the web and virtual entertainment streaming, which has transformed the globe into a worldwide town, and you can see that the segment that he really consumes music in this computerized period.

Most of them are younger than 30, inferring that MagiQ’s essential crowd is extremely youthful and dissipated across the web.

Boy MagiQ took to his social media page to announce the change of his Stage name to his fans.



What is My Take on the Name Change From “Magic” to “Boy MagiQ”? Is It a Smart Move or a Misplaced Priority?


For my purposes, I don’t figure it will affect his acclaim. As prior likewise, numerous vocalists have needed to change their stage characters throughout the long term. One reason is by and large a drive to separate their character from the others or to keep a personality that reverberates with where the brand is at the time which is a kind of rebranding. Or on the other hand, in the occasion of Kizz Daniel, a consequence of a question with his record name. We’ve additionally seen individuals thought of strange and uncommon stage names to acquire consideration in the manner they can.


Enchantment’s new name, Boy MagiQ, ought to adversely affect his profession, considering that various incredible artists have gone through a similar cycle with next to no skin torment. These artists have profited from expanded acclaim and honors. Artists, for example, 2baba (2face), J Lo (Jennifer Lopez), Snoop Lion (Snoop Dogg), and, all the more as of late, Big Wiz (Wizkid) have all gone by different names and utilized them to advance themselves.


In the example of Magic, Bog MagiQ gives his personality greater explicitness and lucidity. He doesn’t need to rival stars like Magic for online acknowledgment. But in Nigeria, where the calculations give genuine outcomes relying upon the country the craftsman is from, devotees of his earlier stage name needed to venture to every part of the extra mile to find his music on the web.


Despite the fact that he will be content with the moniker “Boy MagiQ” which returns us to his underlying foundations, it will require some investment for his admirers to change. Besides, numerous people, especially Nigerians, have shown steadiness in changing in accordance with new turns of events, especially in the diversion business. Furthermore, it’s just normal that whenever people have gotten familiar with something, it is difficult to change it.


For what reason does Magic rebrand To Boy MagiQ Professionally?


In this cutting edge age, well known artists generally like their profile to be remarkable, and that has caused them to endeavor in their excursion of ubiquity. You can’t envision two famous craftsmen going by a similar stage name. That will be mistaking for youthful impending craftsmen like Boy MagiQ whose point is to overturn Nigeria as well as the music world at large.

Performers make not exclusively to impact or ignite their territory alone yet different regions of the planet.

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